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Tips to Buy Affordable Designer Baby Clothes

Fashion is no more restricted to teenagers and adults. Star kids such as Suri Cruise and Harper Beckham have already been declared style icons. With high-end designers entering the market of kids’ couture, luxury baby clothes are no longer a privilege for the wealthy and affluent class. Many have already started following the footsteps of celebrities, and the market of designer babywear has grown in leap and bounds over the last decade.

You can buy anything from bibs, booties, and body suits to hats and bonnets from a luxury baby clothing store. Accessories such as fine quality monogrammed diaper bags, designer bottle holders, and baby booties lined with fine wool are also easily available, provided you can shell out big bucks. Personalized and handmade baby apparel are also very much in vogue. Parents, who always want the best for their kids, tend to spend their earnings in such high-end baby clothes and accessories, which are very expensive, and may not fit into everyone’s budget.

How to Find Budget-friendly Designer Babywear

Flash Sale Sites

Register with flash sale sites that offer steep discounts on designer baby clothes. As a registered member, you will receive notifications regarding flash sales that usually last for a few hours, or a day or two. Check out such sites for grabbing some luxury baby clothes at a fraction of their actual price.

Off-price Retailers
These retailers offer branded and designer clothes at a discounted price throughout the year. They buy off-season goods, canceled orders, goods returned by other retailers, seconds, manufacturer irregulars, etc., and sell them at a cheaper rate. All you need to do is to spare some time to check their stock and get a good deal.

End of Season Sales
Never miss end of season sales, if you want to buy luxurious clothes for your babies, at affordable rates. You can check online, as various sites offer huge discounts on a wide range of products during this time of the year. Even some stores and boutiques offer discounted prices for off-season items.

Sample Sales
Those living in major cities such as New York and Los Angeles must check out the sample sales, for getting some designer baby clothes at a cheaper rate. Such sales are often intended to get rid of excess merchandise that usually includes off-season and overstocked items.

Rental Subscription
Why spend a fortune for designer baby clothes when you can rent them? Instead of buying such expensive clothes that your baby outgrows quickly, you can rent them for a monthly fee. All you need to do is to sign up for a monthly subscription of clothing rental service for babies. You will get clean clothes that can be used till your child outgrows them. Once you send them back, you will get new clothes.

Cloth Swapping
This is a great idea that works well for kids, as they outgrow their clothes at a very fast rate. Instead of making your baby wear the same designer wear for every occasion, you can swap it with another piece of high-end apparel that belongs to your friend’s kid. So, the chances are high that you get used designer baby clothes in excellent condition. You may try the local swap shop for baby clothes, or else, form a clothes swap in your area. Otherwise, check out those sites to swap baby clothes.

These are some easy ways to get high-end baby clothes without spending too much. However, your child will outgrow these clothes one day. Instead of throwing them away, save the good ones for your next baby (if you plan to have one). Otherwise, you can always give them to your friends or relatives.

When it comes to designer babywear, the most important question is whether such clothes are a necessity. Are they worth the money? Luxury baby apparel has become a status symbol for those parents who can afford such clothes. Some parents vouch for their quality, as these clothes are made of the finest materials and are designed by professionals. Another plus point is the unique design and style. However, the fact is that kids outgrow them within a few months. So, there is no point in spending a fortune for buying designer clothes for kids, especially those who are below the age of two. You can always go for regular clothes or manage to find high-end apparel at a discounted rate.

Tips for Buying Wedge Shoes

wedge-sneakers-2For women who aspire to look stylish and trendy, but not at the cost of compromising on their comfort, wedge shoes, whose heel extends to the entire bottom of the foot, are an ideal choice. They are one of the most popular amongst women’s footwear, for both casual as well as formal dressing. As they are so versatile and match with almost any outfit, their cost can be pretty steep. However, finding cheap options is not as difficult as it seems.

How to Wear
There is no pair of shoes that can be as versatile as a wedge shoe. They can be worn with one-piece dresses for a semi-formal look at a party. The same pair can be worn with jeans for a carefree, casual look. The close toed type in formal colors like black and brown go very well with business clothes. While the satin ones look amazing with gowns worn at a marriage. Wedge sneakers can be paired with skirts, capris or jeans for a cool, comfortable look at your college or for a shopping spree.

Designs and Colors
Today, there is a wide variety available for wedge shoes, in terms of colors and designs. They are available in formal colors like black, brown, and tan, in cool pastel shades as well as in bright colors like orange, red, yellow, etc. For parties, there are golden, silver, and white ones available too. So, you can see, there is a color to match each and every outfit of yours!

The heels can be less than an inch or sometimes even more than six inches! The heels are made up of rubber, wood, or can be woven. As the heels resemble platform heels, they add height to a woman’s body, without making her bear the pain and discomfort that is so common with wearing pencil-heels.

The toes can be open, closed, or peep toed. For the top covering, the most common materials used are leather, suede, satin, cotton, rubber, and plastic. In fact, if you are looking for cheap ones, go in for the ones made of faux leather, canvas, rubber, or cotton as the satin and pure leather ones can be very expensive. As for the patterns, there are the plain ones, the ones with polka dots and stripes on them. The slingback type, which come with straps that can be tied to the ankle or calf as well the “espadrilles” – the ones with a retro look, simply look fabulous with any outfit!

Where to Buy
When it comes to buying cheap wedge shoes, the Internet is the best place to look. The online stores offer a wide variety which can be bought for as little as twenty or thirty dollars! If you buy your shoes from a departmental store, check whether they have a website. Sometimes large stores give discounts on their sites, as they do not have to spend money on stocking the goods or hiring the sales people and thus, they pass the benefits to their customers by offering them discounts, to win their loyalty. So, search the Internet thoroughly and you are sure to find many casual and formal choices!

As you can see, these shoes can make any outfit look trendy, funky, stylish, or classy, depending upon their design and color chosen! The most important advice on matching outfits – always wear loose clothes with these shoes, i.e., free-flowing skirts, sundresses, flared jeans, boot-cut jeans, etc. Body hugging women’s clothing worn with these shoes tend to make the feet look heavy and undesirable, so they should be avoided!

Whether you buy expensive or cheap shoes, as long as you pair them with the right outfits, they can do wonders for the way you look! So, get a pair of this fashion accessory today and go all stylish and funky!

Tips For Buying Men’s Shoes Online

Buying shoes online has a lot of benefits. But this is not the right alternative to opt for in all cases. When you are buying orthopedic shoes or specialty shoes, online shopping might be a wrong choice. In case of such shoes, even of you have the measurements, taking a trial of the piece is very important. So, while you shop for running shoes or are looking for the best walking shoes, trying a few pairs on can only help you pick the best of them, instead of just choosing one from the many colors and styles in your size. Similarly, in case of orthopedic shoes, trying the shoe is of optimum importance, so as to find the right fitting pair. Though you can get numerous varieties of stylish and fashionable orthopedic shoes, the right fit is of prime importance. Well, if you are planning to buy regular shoes, dress shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, you can always hit the online shopping websites, but even then trying out the pair you like is the best option.

Research and Research
While you shop for shoes, knowing the various brands well is very important. While some brands are popular for dress shoes, some have the best collection of casual shoes. A good research and reading reviews can help you know about the best ones available. If you are one of those brand loyal customers, online shopping can be much easier for you. Make sure you check out the entire range of collection available before picking a pair. While reading the reviews, you can also get to know about the best place to buy from. Websites like ‘Onlineshoes’, ‘Shoesbuy’, ‘Shoes’, ‘Housershoes’, and ‘Roadrunner Sports’ offer you a wide variety of shoes. Moreover, these also have a separate section of shoes for sale available at great discounts.

Picking the Right Shoe
When you shop, picking the right pair is a tough task, and needs to be done carefully. Knowing your size well is the key to order the right fitting shoes. Here’s how you measure your shoe size. Apart from this, checking the colors and material rightly is essential. Websites that offer the best view of the product from all sides with zoom, are the best to shop from. Also, knowing the trademark and logo of the brands well helps you ensure the quality of the shoes. Check the color options and best deals. If you are not sure about the genuineness of a website, the best option is to visit the actual shoe company’s website.

Return Policy
After knowing about all the basics and finalizing a pair, make sure you know about the return policy of the website from which you are shopping and ordering the product. The return policy defines the terms and conditions of returning goods you have purchased. Understand the maximum days of validity. This will be helpful if the pair is defective or does not fit you well, or you want to change it for any other reason.

With numerous advantages like cheap deals, wide variety, ease of shopping, free shipping offers, and many more, you can make an online purchase a good experience, provided done carefully.

Tips To Buy Winter Gloves

Choosing and buying winter gloves is that one decision which will help you keep yourself warm in the blistering winter. That’s because your fingers and toes are the most sensitive parts when it comes to feeling cold. They get cold the fastest because heat escapes through them the fastest. It’s only natural to want to protect them as much you can, to avoid going numb in the winter. This Buzzle article will give you some tips for buying gloves. Go through them before you go glove shopping.

The most crucial factor that you need to consider when you’re planning to buy a pair of gloves is definitely its material. What is the best material that you need to choose to ensure that you don’t lose a lot of body heat through your fingertips? What material will keep you not only warm but also comfortable and dry? Let’s see some tips that could answer these questions.

  • What you’re buying the gloves for plays an important role in determining the kind of gloves you need. For instance, if you need the gloves for daily wear, for things like your walk to and from work, then you can go in for thin and light materials like spandex or polyester. Even fleece is a good option for casual wear. If it’s heavy physical activities like snowboarding or skiing, then getting gloves in thicker, wicking material makes more sense.
  • Another point that you must consider about the fabric is whether it is waterproof. There’s no point buying a pair of cotton gloves and then getting them soaked in the frost. What’s worse is, your fingers will get soaked to the bone. Not only the outside, the inside of the gloves also need to be waterproof.
  • It’s understandable that all fabrics are prone to wear and tear, especially in winter. However, the purpose of buying gloves will be totally lost if they wither in gusty weather. So, make sure that the gloves are resistant to wind as well.
  • Another necessity when it comes to the material of the gloves is its ability to breathe. Having breathable gloves comes in handy when you start sweating. Instead of keeping your hands wet, it helps circulate air and thus prevents chilling.

The next thing that you need to take into account is the fit of the gloves. Given below are some tips that will help you get the perfect fit.

  • First of all, pick a pair that is actually your size. There are some who believe that loose garments help you stay warm.
  • While that may be true for sweaters and jackets, gloves are the exact opposite.
  • When you try the gloves on, ensure that your fingers enter those of the gloves easily. If you have difficulty putting your fingers in, pick up a pair in a larger size rather than trying to stuff your hand in.
  • Next, when you wear the glove, your fingertips should fit ‘snugly’ into the gloves. This means it shouldn’t be too tight.
  • Circulation of blood is important and wearing tight gloves won’t allow that.
  • At the same time, the gloves should not be too large for you either. They’ll fall off if you try to do something in a quick or sudden motion.


  • Once you’ve picked out a pair that fits you well, check for the dexterity it offers you. Use the following tips to do that.
    When you wear the gloves and they fit snugly, try to move your fingers around. If you find that you have difficulty moving them apart from each other, try on another pair.
  • Another thing to check for is, when you close and open your fist, are you able to do it without any difficulty, or do you feel like the seams are getting too strained? If it’s the latter, then these are probably not the ones for you.
  • When you wear a pair of gloves, try to pick up objects with your fingers. Start with large ones like a box and go to small things like a coin or a button. Most gloves will allow you to pick up large and medium objects, but the small ones are the tricky ones. The perfect gloves will let you have a firm, strong and easy grip on small objects as well.

Cuff Length
The length of the cuffs is also important when you buy gloves. Why? Well, you don’t really know how and when you’re going to need short or long cuffs. If you want to play it safe; for a pair of casual gloves, you can get a pair that has cuffs long enough to be tucked under your jacket/sweater sleeve, and snug (but elastic enough) to even cover the sleeves. For formal or dressy gloves, you can opt for really short ones or elbow-length ones with an appropriately sleeved jacket or sweater.

Layers of Insulation
Another point to be taken into consideration taking the purpose into account is the layers of insulation that you need in your pair of winter gloves. For casual wear, you can choose a pair that has just a single or double insulation. However, for activities like skiing, snowboarding, cycling, etc. it is advisable to have a pair that has sufficient layers; so that they not only withstand the harsh cold, but are also easy to maintain. The more layers you have in your gloves, the warmer you feel. In case you find the thickly insulated ones too bulky and difficult to carry around, you can do one thing; buy a pair of thin or single layered gloves, and a pair of liner gloves. You can simply wear the liner gloves inside the other ones and have your own double insulation. Note that wearing only liner gloves will not provide you enough warmth in very harsh climates, so it’s always better to wear them with other gloves.

Stitch and Seam
Whenever you buy a piece clothing, one of the first things you check is the overall finish of the garment. It’s the same even with gloves, in fact, especially with gloves. When you’re done seeing all the other aspects of the gloves, get down to the minute details. First, do a physical examination of the gloves and check that all the seams are tight and firm. Then, you can either check for yourself, or ask the salesman how many lines of stitching the gloves have. It is always better to wear a pair of double-stitched ones. It will make sure that the glove remains tight and strong, and increase the life of the glove (in case of regular use). Make sure that the stitching is not coarse on the inside; you could end up with a nasty rash. Another thing that you should check for is the placement of the tags on the gloves. Some manufacturers have the tags on the inside of the gloves. While this may conceal the tag, it could prove to be rather uncomfortable for the wearer. So, check the gloves that you’re planning to buy. If the tag itches you, don’t buy it or ask the seller to give you one with tags on the outside that you can cut off easily. The best ones would be those that have the name of the manufacturer only on the package that they come in.

Extra Features

  • Ever had a leaky nose (without a tissue at hand) in the midst of a crowd due to the immense cold? To avoid the recurrence of such an embarrassment again, look out for gloves that have a more absorptive material on the thumbs. Simply wipe off your nose and clean the part with a cloth.
  • Also, you get gloves that are extra thick at the fingertips and the palm. These are perfect for heavy physical outdoor activities because your fingers and palm are strained the most in these activities.
  • Last but not least, you need to wear gloves that suit the occasion. So, buy the appropriate gloves and wear them accordingly.

With these tips, you’re sure to find that perfect pair of gloves that will help you get through another cold winter. As far as the cost is concerned, you need to be willing to shell out a reasonable amount of money if you want a pair of gloves to last more than one season. So you might as well invest in a durable pair, rather than buying and throwing them out every year. Shop well!